Obama ( Reggie Brown ) Performs at a Sheva Berakhot!!


Reginald D. “Reggie” Brown ( born September 28, 1980 ) is an American comedic impersonator and look-alike of U.S. President  Obama-Nation. Reggie Brown is best known for his performance at the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference, his occasional television appearances!!

In This Video is for  The Sheva Berakhot a Jewish Wedding performance!! 

The opening section, called kiddushin ( betrotha l), is where all of the legal business takes place, including the formal betrothal blessing and the ring ceremony. Often couples include a reading of their ketubah ( marriage contract ) as a bridge between this first part of the ceremony and the next part, called nissuin ( nuptial s). Nissuin includes the chanting of the sheva berakhot ( seven blessings ), the breaking of a glass, and yihud, in which the bride and groom depart from under the huppah ( marriage canopy ) to take some time alone before joining guests for wedding festivities. 



2011_sfi_logo Jesus ( Yeshua ) is KING of kings!!

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