House Passes Continuing Resolution to Fund the Government, Not Obamacare!!


House Passes Continuing Resolution to Fund the Government, Not Obamacare!!

We won! Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a straightforward, gimmicks-free Continuing Resolution that funds the government and not Obamacare.

That’s right, 230 Congressmen said “YES!” to the will of the American people and “NO!” to the President’s Big Government Healthcare Plan.

This is not only a major victory for all Americans, but a confirmation that we, the grassroots, have been heard — our calls, messages, and faxes have paid off!

Granted, this fight is not yet over as we expect Senate liberals to revolt next week. But if GOP members in both chambers work together, we can secure a win! As Sen. Ted Cruz says, “a united Republican front means that Harry Reid and the President cannot ignore the American people.”

Let’s get this done!

For America,

Via: Conservative Action Alerts!!

This is Great, Because I Do Not Want ObamaCare!  We Need to Fund only Government USA, and NOT ObamaCare! Tea Party Won for Defunded Obama-Care!!!

The Reason Not want this Obama-Care, because Obama for Likes Homosexuals, and Killing Babies!! Plus, this Obama-Care is Very Bad for everyone, people are losing their jobs, health care is getting cut, and much more to the economy that is bad with Obama-Care!

We Need Support United States Of America, and NOT Support Obama-Care!!

( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV ) “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.”!!pfiusajsLoveKristiAnn

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