Mount Hood, Oregon!!


The Above Picture is Mount Hood, Oregon.  I Live Between This Volcano and Mount St. Helen’s Volcano. The Northwest has almost 30 Volcano’s here!!

Mount Hood is an active volcano close to rapidly growing communities, recreation areas, and major transportation routes and therefore imposes heightened risk. Potential hazards include collapse of growing lava domes and generation of pyroclastic flows, which in turn melt snow and ice to form lahars that flow far down valleys; the long-term adjustment of river channels to the large quantities of volcanogenic sediment dumped into valleys that head on the volcano; and landslides of hydrothermally altered material from steep upper slopes of the volcano that spawn debris avalanches and related lahars. The most likely widespread and hazardous consequence of a future eruption would be for lahars to sweep down the entire length of the Sandy and White River valleys. Modest production of tephra would also pose chiefly non-life-threatening hazards to nearby communities!!


The Above Picture is the fumarole on Mount Hood, Gas always escapes from there!!

Volcanic gas concentrations from the fumaroles on the north side of Mount Hood’s Crater Rock are sampled on a regular basis. Yearly measurements from this location have occurred since 2008. After collection, the samples are taken back to the laboratory for an analysis of the gases’ chemical composition. By routinely collecting gas samples and comparing their composition to past measurements, scientists can track the geochemical evolution of the volcanic system and become aware of any subtle changes that might indicate a rekindling of eruptive activity. Emission rates of several volcanic gases are also measured annually, either during on-site visits or with airborne monitoring systems. Although Mount Hood is not currently in a state of eruption, it remains an active volcano!!


A lot of People Die on Mount Hood every year, Oregon. It is because it’s Not an easy climb and there are a lot dangers on Mount Hood!!

The Cascade Range is Long, it southern mountains and Volcano’s are in Very Northern California, and the Range extends to British Columbia, Canada North!! The Volcano’s are Very Beautiful to look at from a distance.  On Mount Hood, Oregon Volcano is a Lodge at the Tree Line, its is called Timberline Lodge here are Pictures of it below;


The Above Picture of Timberline Lodge is from 1943, They get a lot of Snow there!!


The above picture is on a warm Summer Day, which is very uncommon up there at 2 mile height from sea level.


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