Brave German Woman’ Rebukes Islam’s Lie!!


Brave German Woman’ Rebukes Islam’s Lie!!

Islam continues to grow in power and influence across Europe. But in Germany one Christian woman has decided to stand up and declare Christ alone as Lord over her country!! God Bless the Brave Woman for Standing up with Jesus Christ on her Side!! She Spoke the Truth to the EVIL Imam inside a Christian Church!!

This Brave German Woman is a DEVOUT Christian and she is 1000% Right!! Jesus Christ is the only TRUE MESSIAH and SAVIOR!! Jesus Christ is the SON of GOD our FATHER who art in Heaven!! Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, No one comes unto the FATHER, but through Me ( Jesus Christ )!! Jesus Christ is KING of kings LORD of lords!! Jesus Christ is the ALPHA and OMEGA, the FIRST an the LAST! The HOLY BIBLE is INSPIRED HOLY WORD of our LIVING GOD in Heaven, Given to us by His Prophets alone in the HOLY BIBLE!!

Islamic Muslims WORSHIP a FALSE god named allah, and a FALSE prophet named muhammad!! Muslims are TERRORISTS and MURDERERS and STEALTH EVIL Jihad!!  Islam Religion Stared about 1400 years ago in Mecca when Muhammad thought he seen a god named allah, when it was REALLY Satan ( the devil ) who Deceived muhammad!! Satan gave muhammad a FALSE book named the Koran ( Qu’ran ) and said it was holy, it is NOT holy at all!! The Koran ( Qu’ran ) is FILLED with LIES and SLANDERS Jesus Christ and the REAL TRUE HOLY BIBLE!!

WAKE UP Islamic Muslims, your Imam’s are NOT holy neither is your FALSE god named allah, or your FALSE Prophet named muhammad !! Jesus Christ LOVES everyone UNCONDITIONALLY!! That means you Islamic Muslims, Jesus Christ is the one and Only SON of GOD our FATHER in Heaven!


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