Rasmieh Odeh Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim!!

Please PRAY for Israel-Yisrael and USA!!


“Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.” ( Psalm 129:5 KJV )

“Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.” ( Psalm 121:4 KJV )

Starting Nov. 4, federal prosecutors in Detroit present their case against a Palestinian woman who slipped through the cracks. Rasmieh Odeh, 67, has been in the United States since at least 1995.

To her advocates, she’s a peaceful community activist living in Chicago and an asset to her community. Yet, she has a bloody, dark side that she has kept hidden all these years.

Odeh is a convicted terrorist who spent 10 years in an Israeli prison. She led a 1969 bombing that killed two college students in a Jerusalem supermarket. Odeh confessed. She says that confession only came after she was tortured. She was sentenced to life in prison, but was released unexpectedly as part of a prisoner exchange in 1979.


Stand with Israel and the USA!!

Her torture claim has never been substantiated—even by the United Nations, to which she reported the alleged torture after her release—and she has yet to deny her involvement in the murders or even her ultimate imprisonment.

Odeh could have discussed the particulars of her situation when she applied for her visa and citizenship—how her sentence was even commuted—if she felt her alleged torture merited special consideration. Instead, she simply told U.S. authorities she had a spotless record.

Prosecutors say that constitutes immigration fraud. A terrorist conviction for an attack causing two deaths is something immigration officials would want to consider before granting an immigrant a visa or welcoming her into American citizenship.

Still, her supporters have launched an aggressive campaign aimed at getting the fraud charges dropped. Odeh, they say, is the real victim here. They claim this case is really about a government conspiracy to attack Palestinian advocates in America.

The campaign is led by Odeh’s colleagues from the Arab American Action Network ( AAAN ), but has attracted support from the Council on American-Islamic Relations ( CAIRHAMASISIS ), American Muslims for Palestine ( AMP ), the Arab-American AntiDiscrimination Committee, and even a group of 124 feminist academics.

In the video above, the first installment of a five-part Investigative Project on Terrorism video series on Odeh’s case and the campaign to thwart it, we provide an overview of the case and a look at Rasmieh Odeh and those supporting her.

New installments will be released each day this week. Tomorrow we examine the 1969 Jerusalem bombing Odeh helped orchestrate and learn more about her victims.


Part 2 of our series investigating the case against Rasmieh Odeh, and her supporters’ efforts to get the case dropped, looks at the victims of the 1969 Jerusalem supermarket bombing that led to Odeh’s conviction in an Israeli court.

Today’s installment traces the life of Edward Joffe, one of the two college students killed in the bombing. His brothers explain what prompted the family’s move from South Africa to Israel during the 1960s, and describe Edward’s hopes and dreams before his murder.

Rulings issued Monday mean that much of Odeh’s supporters’ arguments – that Odeh’s confession in the bombing was the result of torture, that her case is a selective prosecution aimed at hurting the Palestinian advocacy community – will not be allowed during her immigration fraud scheduled to begin Nov. 4.


Rasmieh Odeh was convicted in a 1969 terrorist bombing in Jerusalem and given a life sentence. So how did she wind up in Chicago, as an American citizen?!! 

In Part 3 of our series examining the immigration fraud case against Odeh, we trace her steps from a prisoner exchange to her arrival in America and, ultimately, how she became an American citizen by withholding her criminal record from U.S. immigration officials.


On her immigration forms to come to America and later to become a naturalized citizen, Rasmieh Odeh swore she had no criminal background. No arrests, no convictions and no prison time.

Her attorney says that’s not a lie, despite the 10 years she spent in an Israeli prison after being convicted of bombing a Jerusalem grocery store in 1969. In Part 4 of our series examining Odeh’s pending immigration fraud case, we see her memory is much clearer when she’s among friends.


It’s a government conspiracy. It’s the Israeli lobby. Our 5-part series on Rasmieh Odeh’s pending immigration fraud trial and the campaign to turn her into a victim concludes by showing that, in order to win public support, her advocates try to make her case about anything but the fact that Odeh lied about her conviction in a Jerusalem terrorist attack that claimed two lives.


Updated: Odeh has been placed in custody pending a March 10 sentencing dates. She faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and will lose her American citizenship.

Rasmieh Odeh, a Palestinian woman convicted of killing two college students in a 1969 Jerusalem grocery store bombing, faces possible prison time and eventual deportation from the United States after being convicted Monday of naturalization fraud.

A federal jury in Detroit deliberated about two hours before convicting the 67-year-old Odeh. The charges stem from her failure to disclose to U.S. immigration authorities her conviction and life prison sentence in Israel for a series of Jerusalem bombings that killed two people.

U.S. District Judge Gershwin A. Drain told jurors the “verdict is a fair and reasonable one based on the evidence that came in,” the Associated Press reports.

That means jurors were convinced she knowingly LIED on her immigration applications, and did not accept defense arguments that she merely misunderstood questions she found ambiguous.

While she claims her Israeli conviction was unjust, the fraud case was focused on what Odeh told U.S. immigration officials when she first applied to come here on a visa obtained in 1995 and when she applied for naturalization in 2004.

In both instances, Odeh claimed she had never been arrested, convicted or imprisoned. She also claimed to have lived only in Amman, Jordan since turning 16, omitting the 10 years she spent in an Israeli prison. She was released in 1979 as part of a prisoner exchange with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine ( PFLP ) and spent four years living in Lebanon. The 1969 bombings of a Jerusalem Supersol grocery store, and of a British consulate in the city were PFLP attacks.

The Supersol attack claimed the lives of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner, two Hebrew University students who stopped in for supplies before a planned hiking trip.

Odeh testified Friday that she didn’t understand English when she applied for the visa 20 years ago. She relied on answers her brother provided. When she applied to become an American citizen, she said she thought the criminal history questions, which asked if she “EVER” had a record, applied only to her time in the United States.

But prosecutors noted that, for those who did have a record, the form asks for more information, including the charges involved, and the city, state and country where it happened. In addition, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officer Jennifer Williams – who interviewed Odeh in 2004 as part of the naturalization process – testified that she asks all immigrant applicants to disclose any criminal history “anywhere in the world.”

Odeh testified that she remembered Williams and the interview, but said that Williams did not add the phrase to the question.

Several prosecution witnesses who review visa and naturalization applications say any conviction for bombings involving deaths is a “stop sign” that would prevent an immigrant from coming to the United States.

Odeh insisted she was not trying to hide that record, claiming it was something known to U.S. officials.

Defense attorney Michael Deutsch argued that Odeh was not really guilty of the Jerusalem bombings, mentioning in closing arguments that she was tried by a military court. “Ask yourself what this case is all about,” he said in closing arguments Friday.

Pretrial rulings by Judge Drain prevented Deutsch from introducing evidence and testimony about the Israeli conviction, saying the defense was not going to re-try a 45-year-old case from another country.

“Today’s guilty verdict further emphasizes that the United States will never be a safe haven for individuals seeking to distance themselves from their pasts, no matter how distant that past might be,” Marlon Miller, special agent in charge of Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations office in Detroit, said in a news release. “When individuals lie on immigration documents, the system is severely undermined and the security of our nation is put at risk.”

Odeh has been associate director of the Arab American Action Network in Chicago. Her prosecution sparked a campaign by colleagues and supporters aimed at pressuring the U.S. Attorney in Detroit to drop the case. Dozens of people traveled from Chicago, where Odeh now lives, to Detroit, to pack the courtroom during the trial and demonstrate in front of the Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism tracked the campaign on Odeh’s behalf for months, including the support it attracted from the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, American Muslims for Palestine, the Council on American-Islamic Relations ( CAIRHAMASISIS ) and a group of 124 feminist academics.

During the 1990s, the Muslim Brotherhood created a support network in the United States to help Hamas politically and financially. It was called the Palestine Committee. According to documents seized by the FBI by some of the committee’s members, that committee included some prominent Muslim American political activists, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations ( CAIRHAMASISIS ) – perhaps the most influential Muslim American political group.  Rasmieh Odeh is a muslim brotherhood member and Sympathizer!!

As the war between Israel and Hamas raged in Gaza during the past month, legacy members of the Palestine Committee – the Hamas support network – found themselves back in the fight for public hearts and minds, as this Investigative Project on Terrorism special report shows.

Source : The Investigative Project on Terrorism PATRIOTS!!

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“Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.” ( Psalm 129:5 KJV )

“Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.” ( Psalm 121:4 KJV )

“And I will make of thee a Great Nation ( ISRAEL ), and I will Bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a Blessing: And I will Bless them that Bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed”. ( Genesis 12:2-3 KJV )!!


Yeshua – Jesus Christ Loves Ye All!!

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“Trust in the LordTYHTJwith All Thine Heart”

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Stand w-Israel“Love Always, Shalom YSIC, Kristi Ann”


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