Holocaust Survivor Says Obama’s America identical To Hitler’s Germany!!


 By: Dave Jolly   on May 7, 2014

There has been no shortage of articles written by Americans comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. I’ve written a few myself. We talk about Obama trying to disarm the American people just like Hitler did. We talk about how Obama seems very dictatorial just like Hitler was.

But we write using our knowledge and research of history and compare that to what we see today. Few of us lived during the time of Hitler and Nazi Germany. But there is one lady who did and she says that watching Obama is nightmarishly like it was watching Adolf Hitler.

Anita Dittman, now 86 years young, lived through the Nazi years of Hitler’s Germany. She remembers Hitler’s rise to power and what it was like living under his dictatorship. Dittman also survived the Holocaust and has recently told her story, which is being included in a project called Trapped in Hitler’s Hell.

Olive Tree Ministry recently held a conference called Understanding the Times at which Dittman spoke. She told those in attendance that when she saw the pictures of Obama with a halo over his head during the 2008 presidential campaign that it gave her nightmares. She spoke of the similarity between the two men, referring to their own self-importance, self-righteousness, and demand for having everything their way.

Dittman also told the audience how much Obama is like Hitler in that they both lied, failed to keep their promises, had visions of grandeur and had messianic visions of themselves. Obama’s list of messianic comments and comparisons is long and some of them are listed and discussed on WND.

What got to me about this is that Dittman isn’t saying these things because of what she’s read or heard about Hitler in books and films. She lived it. She experienced the horrors of Hitler’s dictatorship and she remembers the man, Adolf Hitler.

Now Anita Dittman is reliving the worst nightmare of her life in watching Barack Hussein Obama. She sees the very same traits and characteristics in Obama that she saw in Hitler. She sees Obama almost as a Hitler incarnate and that scares her to the point of nightmares. She feels compelled to warn the American people, but sadly, most will never hear her story or what she has to say. The liberal mainstream media will protect Obama at all costs and help him lead his people into the bondage of a maniacal dictator.

Every Republican and Independent running for office this year needs to put Anita Dittmans comparison of Obama and Hitler in all of their campaigning. They have the ability to inform voters of the dangers of Obama and ask if they want to live through a Nazi America and experience the same horrors that millions of German citizens did. Maybe, just maybe people will start to listen and see with their own eyes just what kind of dangerous political monster Barack Hussein Obama really is.

Via: Source The Last Resistance!!








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