Connecticut State Policeman Says Opposing Gun Grab!!


Connecticut State Policeman Says Opposing Gun Grab..

For anyone who thinks that ambush tactics might be a little unfair to the Police Department, those people might reflect upon the last speed trap they passed when considering what is and isn’t appropriate.

A woman who identifies herself as Ashley contacts the Connecticut State Police in regards to a letter she claims to have received in response to her husband failing to meet the time window for registration of his firearm and magazine. The letter included for options available to her husband in order to avoid being a felon in possession of a previously legal weapon and magazine.

She speaks with Lt. Paul Vance. Lt. Vance told WND that he was not aware that the call was being recorded and that it was illegal for Ashley to do so without his knowledge. Regardless, he’ll have a hard time un-ringing the bell.

The Lt. is reluctant to speak about the Constitutionality of the Law, saying that as long as it is the law, he will enforce it. If it is Unconstitutional that is for others to decide.

While he does his best to divert the conversation and responsibility for his hypothetical response to an order of confiscation, the indication seems to be that he would follow his orders as long as the law was on the books.

Estimates run as high as 100,000 people who may have refused to comply with the new registration mandates. The law created that many new felons, which could potentially restrict their rights to own any firearms at all.

When asked if he took an oath to the Constitution, Vance responded asking “What bearing does that have on this conversation?” Maybe he sensed a trap, but the conversation still continued.

A short while later Vance responds saying, “We’re not the Gestapo, and I don’t want the inference of that. Your attorney can give you advice.”

He also suggests that she contact her state legislators regarding the issue. Ashley responds, sounding sincerely frustrated, that they don’t listen.

Vance is also clearly frustrated with the conversation, and says “It sounds like you’re anti-American, it sounds like you’re anti-law.”

As the conversation is deteriorating, Ashley tells Vance that he serves her and that he can refuse to follow unlawful orders.

She says, “Just remember, you’re the servant, we’re the masters, OK?” she adds.

Vance disagrees saying, “I’m the master, Ma’am, I’m the master.”

Only Jesus-Yeshua Christ is LORD / KING / MASTER / MESSIAH / SAVIOUR!!

If he had known the call was being recorded, he might not have used that language. If Connecticut drivers had known they were hiding behind that parked car with a radar gun, they might have gone a little slower. There are no do-overs, Lt. Vance.



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