Barack Obama And Vladimir Putin’s Entire Relationship Revealed In 8 Little Pictures!

Sometimes, complicated political strategies and the high-level gamesmanship of our political system are best understood in just a good, old-fashioned story book photo-montage format. So we present to you the very essence of the current crisis in the Ukraine as it relates to Obama and Putin.


Via: Now The End Begins!

Now, the unfunny part of the photo, of course, is that this is really our president and yes, he is really this weak!!

Obama is a WEAK / PARASITE / DISRESPECTFUL / DISGUSTING!! Obama is Living in a FANTASY LAND in our WHITE-HOUSE WE THE PEOPLE OWN!! Obama is a Warmonger!! SO do you ALL trust this Homosexual President?!

DO NOT TRUST this Obama-Nation PERIOD!!


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