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Judge Napolitano talks to Mike Huckabee about asset Forfeiture Laws in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which are so Outrageous!

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Mike Huckabee civil asset Forfeiture Laws Seizure DEA drug enforcement agency marijuana police abuse Unconstitutional Un-American!! Ron Paul, Rand Paul Fox News war on drugs Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Megan Kelly, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Neal Boortz, Bill Cunningham, Mike Gallagher, Laura Ingraham are All CONSERVATIVES  Fighting for Our Freedoms in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

The above video is from a couple of years back, but it illustrates the current problem, as does the video at the bottom.

A new, probably unnecessary and definitely concerning bill has just passed the Mississippi legislature. The aim of the legislation is to create three new paramilitary-style “Strike Forces” for the attorney general which he can deploy in virtually any manner he sees fit, anywhere within the state.

Governor Phil Bryant told the Associated Press, “These elite forces will respond to a specific high-crime area and hit gangs and drug dealers where they live. Give law enforcement the authority and the resources they need, and they will get the job done.”

So the implication by those comments is that law enforcement doesn’t have enough authority, doesn’t have enough resources and doesn’t get the job done.

How much more authority does law enforcement need? Are the police in Mississippi little more than Wal-Mart security with nicer equipment? They can’t be, the mayor said they don’t have the resources they need. Maybe they are the same as Wal-Mart security, except for the bigger paycheck. On the mayor’s third point, if they don’t get the job done, why do they still have their jobs?

The governor could have just been being dramatic when he overstated a need for the “AG’s hit squads.”

Maybe having your personal hit “vanity SWAT” is becoming the new status symbol in politics. It’s what the Cadillac convertible used to be, only more deadly and more subject to abuse.

While Mississippi is a relatively poor state, they have a wealth of “elite” law enforcement teams. The Highway Patrol, a statewide agency, has a SWAT team and a Special Operations Group which consists of 80 officers to meet the needs of incidents beyond the capacity of SWAT teams. That seems to be the same thing the governor is now asking for.

Most of Mississippi’s sheriff’s departments have SWAT teams, as do many small towns, and all of the medium size and above municipalities.

So, to illustrate the many layers of SWAT coverage, an offender in semi-rural, small town Olive Branch could potentially face SWAT from the city, SWAT from the county, the state police swat, multi-jurisdictional narcotics task force SWAT, a fugitive SWAT unit, the Alcohol Beverage Control SWAT, as well as federal SWAT from the DEA, ATF, just how do you tell when you have enough SWAT?

The fact that the governor perceives a particular shortfall in SWATage and needs to add three teams for his AG are indicative of the expansion of the police state in America.

Does the governor really need them or does he just want them? Is it a case of Bryant wanting what governor “Jones” has just so he can keep up?

Are the state SWAT being over-worked and spread thin at this point? Have the open borders created issues that the American people should be told about? If you create the force, you have to keep them busy, so will they then need to go searching for things to SWAT at to justify their existence? More policing results in more of a police state.

How can a poor state like Mississippi afford to pay for all of the salaries, equipment and other expenses for this special force, you might ask. The answer hasn’t evaded the Mississippi bean-counters. It’s called Asset Forfeiture.

The Jackson Free Press reports how that little jewel was just too tempting for those creating the Mississippi Storm Troopers to resist. Sen. Brice Wiggins, R-Pascagoula, offered an amendment to the legislation which turned it into a money-maker for the state by permitting the “vanity SWAT” to receive cash from asset seizures. Taking someone else’s property and then forcing them to prove they deserve it back is a popular means of financing excessive police activities. As testimony to the character of those behind this proposal, his amendment passed by a unanimous voice vote out of committee.

Mississippi is not the only state to be adopting this type of heavy-handed approach to protecting and serving their docile herd. It’s spreading like mad cow disease throughout the country.

Let’s suppose for the sake of conversation that some current or future governor mandates in a manner similar to that of the current White House occupant something that a sheriff serving his citizens finds to be unconstitutional, such as gun confiscation.

The forces will now be in place to Usurp the authority of the sheriff and enforce edicts of the centralized authority. Once established, it is only a matter of time before they are used either as threats or as actual muscle to implement central command and control.

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The Abomination Barack Hussein Obama ( BHO ) aka Barry Soetoro ( all muslim names ) is a Devout muslim and muslim brotherhood member and sympathizer!!

BHO is Anti-Christian and Jewish people!!

United We STAND with Israel-Yisrael and our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America, Divided We FALL!!

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