Are you ready for $500-$1500 monthly electric bills?!

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This not a spoof, I wish it was. It’s very REAL. If this doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will. If this doesn’t prove once and for all how Barack Obama has had a deliberate, by design, agenda of Destroying the Economy, I don’t know what otherwise will prove that.


Are you ready for $500-$1500 monthly electric bills?!

But before you finish reading this article, load this video by Ryan Houck of Free Market America, it’s profound and brilliant, and it chronicles everything Obama and the Progressives / Liberals have been trying to do. Understand that and you will under the economically destructive, and freedom-killing agenda of the left. And you might vote accordingly in the next election if you haven’t been doing so already.

Obama the USURPER / DICTATOR is WRONG for the USA!!

Now let’s show you how you’re going to be paying about 5-6 times, what you pay for electricity now, by the time 2015-2016 comes around.

It an article titled “The next great failed initiative of Barack Obama” by Steven H. Ahle of, some interesting information was revealed about the energy policy of the Obama Regime and what it will do to all of us very soon.

The article by Ahle mentions that electricity generated from coal has fallen from 44.6 percent to about 36 percent. This would lead to more electricity being generated by other means, including natural gas and renewable sources. Of course, one of the best ways to generate electricity, and we have enough of it to last forever, is nuclear power. But the far left doesn’t want that. The extremist of the left have demonized nuclear power and scared everyone to death of it, maybe its time for an electric industry campaign using Reddy Kilowatt to convince people of the safety of nuclear power.

This grossly unnecessary intrusion into the function of the electricity generation market is having dire effects that we will all have to pay for, quite literally. Your monthly electric bill is going to go sky high over the next few years. What little is left of the middle class is headed straight the poorhouse as a result.

The article by Steven Ahle says, “As a result, PJM Interconnection, the company that operates the electric grid for 13 states held it’s auction for 2015 electricity capacity.

The numbers are shocking. Remember that the cost for 2012 was only $16 dollars per megawatt. In 2015, the price will go up to $136 dollars per megawatt, for electricity that will come from natural gas. For the Mid-Atlantic region of New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and DC the new price is $167 per megawatt. And in Northeast Ohio, the price jumps to an incredible $357 dollars per megawatt.”

These are real increases in prices that can ONLY be passed along to us the customers who pay for electricity at the retail level. I talked to a few people I know, and their household electricity bill each month is around $100 or more. If the price of electricity multiplies by 10 times, going from about $16 per megawatt to around $160 per megawatt, it’s inescapeable that the price you pay will also multiply by 10 times as well. So if you’re paying as little as $50 per month or as much as $150 now, you’re going to be paying about $500 to $1500 per month for electricity by 2015 to 2016. These rates are already locked in by the wholesale purchase contracts bid for that are mentioned above.

This is not by accident, and it didn’t have to be. Before the Obama Regime arrived in Washington D.C., energy policy was going in the opposite direction. Electricity generation was getting cheaper as clean-coal technology lead to much higher levels of coal-fired generation, and increasing degrees of competition and customer choice was also lowering electricity prices. But the Obama regime has an agenda, as outlined in that Free Market America video, to promote renewable energy sources, that are not yet economically viable on the market, by unnaturally and unnecessarily causing conventional energy prices to sky rocket. This is deliberate, it’s by design, and it is the desired policy of the Obama Regime.

Exactly as Ryan Houck said in that video, when he said, “I’d make cheap energy expensive, so that expensive energy would seem cheap.” That is exactly what is going on.

Most of us can’t afford to pay $1000 per month to keep the lights on. But Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t care. Elections have consequences. Think about that next time you vote and think seriously whether you’re going to vote for liberal Democrats with this agenda again. And thank those low-information voters who voted in this Regime without having a clue that they would destroy the economy this way.

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The GOP must do this or the country will be lost forever!

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