Muslim Brotherhood in the White House!

Muslim Brotherhood in the White House!!

Obama is a Devout Muslim and Muslim Brotherhood Lover! President Obama Loves CAIR, ISNA, and MSA, They All NOT to be TRUSTED!! President Obama is GUILTY of  TYRANNY against the People of The United States Of America!! IMPEACH the LIAR, MURDERER NOW!!


I have been pointing this out for some time now!! WAKE UP AMERICA!! Obama-Nation is Using the White-House for Terrorists That Love Islam!! Obama-Shame is Destroying our CONSTITUTION and BILL of RIGHTS made by our Forefathers of The United States of America!! DO NOT TRUST Obama-Nation!! Obama has our ENEMY The Muslim Brotherhood in the White-House with him giving Obama advice!!


Islam and being a Muslim is a FALSE Religion and it is from Satan!!! Muhammad was NO prophet of our TRUE GOD in HEAVEN!! Muhammad was a FALSE prophet!! Please Watch this Video and Post what you Think??

There is only One to TRUST and HIS NAME is Jesus Christ, He is Our Father  in Heaven!! Please Everyone, God Loves You ALL, through Jesus Christ His Son!! God Created the Heavens ( Universe ) and the Earth, God Created us in His Own Image!! ( Genesis Chapter 1 )!! Jesus Christ is the Son of God in the Flesh, He Loves Everyone Unconditionally, Jesus was Beaten for our Sins, Nailed to a CROSS to Die, Buried and left there, AROSE on the Third DAY to PROVE HE is God The Father!! ( John Chapter 1-21 )!! the Holy Ghost ( Holy Spirit ) is Our Guide, He is God in Spirit, He Helps us to Understand The Inspired Living WORD of God the HOLY BIBLE!! These Three are the Great Three in ONE!! They’re Always HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, and WORTHY to be PRAISED Everyday, Twenty Fours Hours a Day!!

Only Jesus can SAVE you, Only Jesus can take to Heaven, Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, NO one comes unto the FATHER, but, through Me ( Jesus Christ )!! ( John 14:6 )!!

Jesus Christ Commanded us to LOVE one Another, the WAY He Loved Everyone First!! Please Click on All The BOLD Links above to learn more!! Please Do Something for me Everyone, Click on the SAVE BOLD and Read it!!



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