Does the Government have Something up their Sleeve with the Looming Shutdown?

Amen. Please save the United States Of America from Corruption the Government!! Only One can Save us is Jesus Christ! We People need to One Nation Under God again! Praise Jesus Always!


Reality Of Christ

CLOSEDI find it coincidental that while the US debates over whether or not there will be a government shutdown, the Canadian Parliament has already opted to take their prorogue and not due back until mid October. Why is it that the our government is contemplating a shutdown that coincides with the Canadian Parliament prorogue? Could there be more to the story?

Our government has massively stock piled food, water, seeds, ammo, and guns. Furthermore they have been training foreign soldiers on our soil in order to invade american citizens homes in the event of martial law. Why do they need all these preparations? And if they are preparing why do they not encourage us to do likewise? What is going on?

If our government closes it’s doors then NASA would be on shut down as well. Meaning all Intel on comets/astrology will be limited during the duration of the…

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