Make Me a Blessing


Heavenly Raindrops

Go do as I say
Don’t fret along the way
I’ll make you a blessing every day

Sue Nash/2013

Surely blessing I will bless thee
Hebrews 6:14

Make Me a Blessing
A beloved hymn by George Shuler and Ira Wilson
You will enjoy this video.  The little girl sings it beautifully in English, while the lyrics are in Spanish.

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4 thoughts on “Make Me a Blessing

  1. You’re so welcome hon!!!

    Jesus Saved more times in my life. Once when I almost died 1965 after I had surgery for my really bad Born Defect. My Breast Bone was fused to my Back Bone. The doctors had to rebuilt my ribs, and I still have stainless steel wires holding my rib cage together. I was Born in Healdsburg, California in January 7th, 1960. I Praise Jesus Christ that I am Still Alive!!

    I Love Jesus because He Loved me First!! Thanks so much and God Bless Always!!

    Love Always, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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