Rick Perry Calls For “A Little Rebellion” Among The States!!


Rick Perry Calls For “A Little Rebellion” Among The States!

Texas Gov. Rick Perry kicked off the second day of CPAC Friday with a rousing speech calling for red state conservatism to prevail “on the battlefield of ideas.”

The Western Center for Journalism continued its coverage of the annual event Friday, reporting Perry’s insistence that it is now “time for a little rebellion” in order to save this nation.

“Our country is in peril,” he said. “This economic recovery is absolutely stagnant. Our place in the world is weakened.”

Perry’s “simple solution” does not involve looking to the federal government or leaders in Washington, D.C.

“I ask you to look to the states,” he said, citing the stark differences apparent among the 50 “laboratories of innovation.”

He said two opposite forces are fighting for control of the nation.

The “vision common in blue states,” he said, includes high taxes and high unemployment. Meanwhile, the opposite is true in “red America,” where conservative leaders understand that “freedom of the individual comes first” and “the reach of government is limited.”

States like Florida, under the leadership of Gov. Rick Scott, have seen precipitous drops in unemployment. Perry asserted that there is a “common denominator in these states.”

Conservative governors, he said, “know the freedom of the individual must come before the power of the states.”

On the other side of the spectrum, Perry explained, “No two states have lost more personal income to other states than New York and California.”

While a new advertising campaign touts the “new New York,” he asserted, the state is “implementing the same tired recipe” of crippling mandates and stifling taxes.

“Let’s pick a big red state,” he continued, using the opportunity to voice the advances in Texas under his leadership.

The Lone Star State, he said, has experienced an “energy boom and the nation’s largest population boom and an economic boom” of monumental proportions.

“No state can tax and spend its way to prosperity,” he asserted,  but “with the right policies, you can grow your way there.”

If leftist policies prevail, he warned, America will suffer greatly.

“How can the greatest nation on earth continue to spend its way to astounding debt without the bill ever coming due?” he asked, explaining that “there is a price to be paid” for embracing such ideals.

Fortunately, Perry concluded, there is still time to correct this nation’s course.

“We don’t have to accept recent history,” he said; “we just need to change the presidency.”

Via: Expose Obama!!

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