Obama, give your Nobel Peace Prize back!! Judge Jeanine Pirro!!

Obama, give your Nobel Peace Prize back! Judge Jeanine’s Pirro is 150% Right!!! She Tells the Truth about the Obama Regime ( Administration ) in the White-House!

WAKE UP AMERICA, do You Want an Evil Islamic Nation for the United States Of America!! Obama has the evil muslim brotherhood aka the Islamic terrorist group al-qaeda-CAIR-HAMAS-ISIS in the White-House!

We The People of the United States Of America DO NOT want an Islamic Nation here in the USA!! WAKE UP AMERICA, Write your Congressmen, and Reps. Demand IMPEACHMENT of this LIAR in the Highest Office in the USA to be IMPEACHED NOW!!!!

I am Not for war in America! But, Obama is Starting one on our Soil in the USA, because Obama is a Racist, hates Whites, and Hates the United States Of America, Obama also Hates The Holy Land of Israel!! Obama admits he is a Muslim aka Islam, and says the Koran is Still holy!! There is ONLY ONE WHO IS HOLY and HIS NAME is JESUS CHRIST!! Jesus is Kings of kings, and Lord of lords!! You’re NOT Right Obama, Your’re EVIL and so is your wife for supporting your Plan in Destroying the United States Of America!! Ask Jesus Christ to Forgive you Obama, otherwise You’re going to Hell to Meet Satan there!! Good Luck there Obama!!

I am Done with my rant right now. We All Just Need to See the Video above!! Please Pray God Will Bless America Again. Jesus Said: The He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life, No One comes to The Father, but, Through Me ( Jesus Christ )


Please God Bless America again, We Need Your Help and understanding, Please Remove the Evil in the White-House, WAKE up the Administration supporting Obama to See what he is doing to the USA! WE NEED YOUR help Jesus Father in Heaven to get us back on Track in the United States Of America!!! GOD Bless America, Land That I Love, Stand Beside Her and Guide Her with Your Love From Above in Heaven Once again, We Miss You Lord Jesus, Please Help us, in Jesus Name I Pray, AMEN!


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